The Ontario Country Club

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The sophisticated player needs a setting where both their game and friendships can develop

The Ontario Country Club offers a wonderful setting for getting to know your neighbors and spending a wonderful day on the courts. The Club provides opportunities to play in intra-club competitions and competitive teams. Weekly professional coaching and extensive tennis and pickleball clinics are also offered.

More than just a beautiful location... Our members have another opportunity to be inspired and develop on the courts thanks to tennis and pickleball. Our six completely lit courts have been masterfully designed with features that most people would only find at a resort.


Gold as a standard

The most accurate way to determine your genuine spins skill level is through the game. Regardless of their age, gender, or location, every player is able to have a rating. Your accession to the network of Universal Tennis. Follow your development. locate level-based gaming. Enjoy the tennis scene where you live.

Long-term friendships / Simply a game